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Episode Two Has Arrived!

pride warriors

PRIDE WARRIORS is a three episode animated web series created for the LGBTQA community to celebrate DIGIPRIDE 2020. 

It follows the hilarious misadventures of three LGBTQA superheroes, as they try and save PRIDE from white supremacist terrorists infected with the Moronavirus.


Hand-illustrated and animated by Gary Adrian Randall.


Brought to you by Seagull Fish Entertainment, an LGBTQA owned and operated company.

Rainbow Cubes

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Seagull Fish Entertainment is an independent LGBTQA company.

Translation: We're poor.

Any donations received will go directly towards production of the PRIDE WARRIORS web series. You will also be blessed and highly favored by the gay gods for supporting the LGBTQA arts.


A percentage of all money raised will go towards The Bail Project, to help bail out protestors across the country.

Just make sure to include your name so we can add it to our list of sponsors below!



- AJ Bourque

- Bryan Kopp

- Dr. Deborah Faryniarz

- Dr. Kenneth Pages

- Gary Cosgrove

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