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As you may know, last weekend we participated in the Gaymer X East convention at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. We got lots of great feedback, especially since our game is in BETA, and hasn't yet reached the final stages of completion! stopped by our booth to check out the game, and they gave us a nice little review! We are especially honored because out of all the games there, only two were mentioned, and Escape From Clowntown was one of them!

Said of Escape From Clowntown:

"The art is what really makes it stand out, with bright, surreal, very dense art evocative of grafitti, Giger, and Bratz...the levels are all stunning murals filled with strangeness." - Will Greenwald of

Granted, there are a few places where they read us like a f#ckin book, but those areas are already fixed/will be fixed and addressed for the final version of the game, so all in all, we are taking this one as a WIN.

Check out the full article on HERE.

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